Individuals may be rendered powerless against very large corporations. Various rights may be trampled upon in the search of profits. By creating a class or a group, Eppsteiner Law APC leverages the power of many, which in turns evens the playing field and thus obtain favorable results for their clients.

What exactly is a class action lawsuit?

A class action lawsuit is a type of lawsuit where one person or a number of people take legal actions on behalf of a larger number of persons, the class. While class action lawsuits may vary widely, there are always two main factors which appear in all class action lawsuits.

1. The issues being presented forth affect all the members within the class.

2. The persons affected by a certain issue are so many, that it will be impracticable to bring everyone to court.

For more than 20 years, Eppsteiner Law APC has been a trailblazer in plaintiffs’ class action in Texas. Eppsteiner Law APC class action team not only has a proven track record of record recoveries but also of precedent setting wins. Throughout the years, the firm has cultivated a reputation of integrity, advocacy and results. If you are looking for a law firm that will ensure that your class action lawsuits are not only properly addressed but also the class is well represented in court, then make a point of visiting or contacting Eppsteiner Law APC.

Bicycle accidents are common, and their consequences can be severe if not fatal, a collision between a bicycle and a truck, vehicle or SUV can be catastrophic because the cyclist lacks the steel frame protection provided by the vehicle.

While there are rules and regulations for bicyclists and motorists in Oregon, these guidelines do not seem to protect cyclists due to heightening level of the vulnerability.

In the case of a bicycle accident and personal injuries, the Dwyer Williams Potter Attorneys LLP ensures that your welfare is taken care of by providing free consultations and further provides an injury attorney.

The dedicated attorney will work to resolve the dispute through settlement negotiations, alternative dispute resolution such as mediation and arbitration, in the worst situation aggressive trial advocacy on your behalf.

The firm and its attorneys will evaluate the circumstances, surrounding and facts of the accident and devote to seeking the full measure of financial compensation; the compensation may include medical compensation and rehabilitation therapy, disability, and permanent disability, pain, and suffering, and payment to other physical and mental injuries.

Dwyer Williams Potter Attorneys LLP, a personal injury firm in Eugene, guarantees that you enjoy the benefits in situations where you or your loved ones are affected by the decline in earning potential due to injuries.