When you have a child in the state of Utah, it is the responsibility of both parents to take care of that child financially. It is the full responsibility of both parents to make sure that child is taken care of. When you separate or divorce and children are involved then child support will need to be determined. The family law firm, Smoak Law, P.C. in Farmington will be able to assist you in figuring out exactly how much child support needs to be paid and by which parent. There are a lot of factors that go into child support. Many people try to handle child support agreements without a lawyer, but if you have nothing in writing then there is nothing to hold the other person to it. Which is why it could be in your best interest to hire a Farmington child support lawyer. This way the child support is ordered by the court and is more enforceable. It is very important that your child, or your children, are finically taken care of.


If the other parent tries to get out of the responsibility of caring for this child, you will want to get ahold of a Farmington family lawyer to ensure you can get that financial help for your child. As a parent you are financially responsible for that child until they are an adult. You cannot neglect the child. Smoak Law, P.C. are a family law firm in Farmington who will help you fight for child support, or help you get child support established. Child support is determined by a number of factors and there is no way to know how much money you would need or be entitled to unless you spoke to a lawyer. The sooner you get in contact with a lawyer the better off you can be.

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