If a parent or caregiver has the authority of one or more children and the other parent pays a financial compensation to pay for the child. This financial support is fundamental to the well-being of the child and, if it is not possible that it does not, can lead to great distress for the child and caregiver. It is a complicated and lengthy process to reimburse child support that has not been made with multiple critical advances, including legal deposits and records at Law Office of Joyce Holcomb a San Bernardino family law firm.


A request is a request for a hearing and a notice of a hearing. The appointment identifies the parent or guardian, distinguishes the child or children, requests the establishment of paternity, and calculates the amount of child support. There should be two duplicates each, and the original will be submitted to the San Bernardino court in addition to the duplicates. The court will lawfully support all reports and return the duplicates to the San Bernardino child support lawyer. For anyone applying for child support, it is important to agree with the principles that apply to local relationships in their community.

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