In the case in point, a policyholder had to learn from his life insurer that he had paid for his two life insurance policies four years earlier. At that time, for other reasons, the policyholder had handed over the original policies to his insurance broker and had not returned them afterwards. As it turned out, the policies had been filed with the insurer with a letter of termination on which the policyholder’s signature had probably been forged, requesting that the capital be transferred to a third party’s account. The Morgan Law Group, P.A are a Coral Gables insurance law firm.

The BGH has now legally established that the Coral Gables insurer has properly fulfilled its life insurance obligations by executing this termination and transfer . Since he was allowed to pay to the holder of the original policy in accordance with the agreed terms of insurance , the policyholder must also have this satisfied, even if a third party writes the letter of dismissal under the name of the policyholder and falsifies the signature. “The policyholder then only has to act against the unauthorized actor,” says Schubach. You need to hire a Coral Gables insurance lawyer. In the specific case, the success should be uncertain. The insurance broker was already a fraud in any other thing imprisonment sentenced.

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