If you or a loved one has been involved in an airplane accident, the experienced legal team at Hollingsworth Law Firm a Houston personal injury law firm is here to help. Their attorneys specialize in assisting victims of aviation accidents, and we understand the complex laws that govern air travel. They work with experts, investigators and witnesses to develop strong cases for their clients so they can have their damages covered and receive the justice they deserve. Their attorneys have the knowledge and resources to pursue any claim, no matter how complex or expensive. They take great pride in representing victims of airplane accidents in Houston, and we will do whatever it takes to ensure that our clients are properly compensated for their losses. Call them today for a free consultation and let them help you get the justice you deserve.


What is considered an airplane accident? An airplane accident can involve any type of civil aircraft including commercial airliners, military planes, private jets and helicopters. It can also include any kind of crash or malfunction that occurs while in the air or on the ground. You will want to be in contact with a Houston airplane accident attorney if you were injured in a plane crash. The Aviation Accidents Act governs these accidents and provides protection to victims who suffer personal injury or property damage as a result of an airline accident.

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