Compensation for cycling accidents If the driver of a motor vehicle suffered bodily injury or his vehicle was damaged in a road accident, they are covered by the insurance company's protection. Unfortunately, a cyclist can rarely receive the same legal protection, and often can remain after a bicycle accident with bodily injuries that require medical care or long-term treatment. Get a Las Cruces bicycle accident attorney.


In cases where a third party is responsible for an accident and resulting bodily injury or permanent damage to your health, you may be entitled to a claim for damages. Compensation granted in such cases may help to cover the costs of treatment and bike repair, and even the possible loss of earnings from time spent on sick leave. The Law Offices of Kenneth Egan is a personal injury law firm in Las Cruces.


The time for filing a compensation claim is limited, so it is important to submit an application as soon as possible and, if necessary, consult an attorney. What to do if you were involved in a cycling accident A Las Cruces bicycle accident * can cause a lot of nerves, weaken your self-confidence and even cause long-term injury if you do not take the right steps immediately after an accident and you do not get medical help.

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