Driving while under the influence is something that is taken very seriously. Not every DUI arrest is considered to be a felony. If you are ever arrested with a DUI, you will want to contact a San Fernando DUI attorney as soon as you possibly can. They can help you handle the stresses of being arrested. They can give you answers to any legal question you have, what charges you may face, what your next steps should be, and so on. When you have been charged with a DUI contact Kosnett Law Firm a criminal law firm in San Fernando. Getting legal help is best to do when you have a criminal arrest. Hiring your own lawyer can give you more confidence that this attorney is going to be looking after your rights. Even after you are arrested there are still rights that you have, and not everyone realizes this. That’s why an attorney is necessary.


The possible penalties for a DUI arrest are fines, suspension of your license, community service, mandatory education classes for alcohol, probation, and even jail time. It is important to speak to a San Fernando lawyer as soon as possible. They will be honest with you and tell you exactly what outcomes are possible. You will want to be reasonable as well, to tell them what outcome you are hoping for. The San Fernando criminal law firm, Kosnett Law Firm are here to help you and represent you in a great way. If this is your second of third DUI it can be harder to defend you and your rights. You will want to be sure that you hire a lawyer from Kosnett Law Firm, because they will not back down from a challenging case.

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