In Florida, the number of large trucks on the road has increased exponentially due to an increase in industrialization. In addition to industrialization, a few other factors have contributed to the increase in large truck accidents:

The main factor is an increase in fuel prices. These increases wear and tear on heavy-duty vehicles which require drivers to drive more miles.


The cost of fuel is increasing and Truck Accident Lawyers Florida see a lot of large trucking companies who want to increase their profit margins by cutting costs. This includes:

Drivers become overworked and fatigued which increases the risk of accidents; not maintaining trucks properly, and using shady truck repairs shops.

Truck Accident Attorneys Florida see a lot of large truck accidents that are caused by worn-out brakes, which is one of the most common causes of …

MLG Injury Law – Accident Injury Attorneys see many accidents happen on the highways including rear-end collisions, jackknife accidents due to sudden stops, and sideswipes.

Since Florida is a peninsula with bodies of water on three sides, Florida Truck Accidents often happen when a truck driver loses control due to the weather conditions.

The Florida Truck Accident Attorneys see many accidents caused by trucks that are passing stopped vehicles but are involved in t-bone accidents due to not being able to stop their own trucks. Truck Accidents in Florida see also happen at intersections when a car or other vehicle fails to yield at an intersection resulting in head-on collisions.

The Florida Truck Accident Lawyers see many of these accidents involve no other cars and are single-vehicle accidents, which usually mean that there is a faulty tire on the truck. A large truck accident attorney in Florida can help determine if this is the case and if the accident is due to a faulty tire, this can mean that there was negligence on the part of the trucking company who did not properly maintain their fleets.


The Florida Truck Accident Attorneys see many accidents happen when trying to make a turn and one of the wheels falls off due to poor maintenance. Other causes of accidents include:

Drivers get into accidents when they are trying to change lanes on the interstate.

Florida Truck Accident Lawyers see many of these accidents involving drivers hitting a patch of ice or water and hydroplaning across lanes until they hit another car, truck, or median.

Truck Accidents Florida see happen in residential streets due to cars coming out of driveways without looking.

The Florida Truck Accident Lawyers see many accidents where the driver strikes a pedestrian due to being distracted by their cell phone, texting while driving, or not paying attention to pedestrians that are walking in the crosswalk.

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