Hence to cherish those remarkable memories of school and college life one needs to make a step towards a reunion with their friends and family to live those moments once again. For all such activities, there are various clubs and hotels that host such facilities. This Happy Hour usually starts from evening and end till late night or next morning and to attract various customers the hotels have provided a variety of discounts and offers to their customers. There are various parties that are especially hosted for women, and this is done just to encourage night life.

There are various types of discounts that are offered so that at least once they should attend the night life and once they started liking it they are made to involve in the events so that they can enjoy the night life in the city which is too beautiful and full of enjoyment. Apart from these you may also heard about the free entry passes that are offered to the women in various bar and clubs. This is a way changing custom and tradition that are been followed from past where they used to find night life much interesting than any other part of life. In fact the ladies taking part in nightlife are considerably low as compare to men and hence to encourage them to come out of their house they are been offered with various facilities and discount rates.

There is both positive and negative impact of such activities , Where the positive thing is that people are getting more socialized and are finding many ways for maintaining long term relationship but apart from this, the negative impact is that about the violence that is increased with the popularity of nightlife. Addie Addie is the head of providing Happy Hour to their customers; this is a website community that is dedicated to empowering and providing required information to women in any area. This type of violence among people can bring a bad impression over society and due to which there are various projects are going on to remove stress and depression from an individual’s life.

One of the aspects of such happy hours is that it could be not that safe for women to attend such a late party as this can lead to another dangerous issue that may not occur at daytime. Hence if anyone wants to attend such parties then make sure you have your group or friends with you to give a company. There are many other ways that can help you to spend happy hours with your close once like playing bingo, go to sports club, party at home or going for a movie. You can also select a private lounge to enjoy with your friends and can pay rental amount to the companies that offer such services. This lounge has extra space for relaxing and dining therefore it can bring more interaction and group gatherings where you can enjoy to maximum with your family and friends much more.

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